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SKIING of North America
Waypoint Mount Tremblant, The Laurentians, QB

Travel Way Point

Date: c. Jan, 1972


Place: Mount Tremblant, The Laurentians, QB


Video of Mount Tremblant, QB (not my video):



Pictures of Mount Tremblant, The Launretians, BQ (not my picture):



Travel Journal Entry:

When I was in my early 20's, I got engaged to a wonderful Canadian lass and moved to Toronto, ON. We loved to ski with our friends and during the three years that I lived in Canada, group made many trips to two great ski regions near Montreal, QB: The Laurentians to the north of Montreal, and the Eastern Townships, to the East. Some of the ski areas have changed their names or disappeared altogether (like my engagement). Skiing in the North-East is humid and cold, especially in Canada.

On one such group Ski outing to Mt.Tremblant, my friend's MG-B froze-up so badly that he left it on the side of the road... for good...and never went back to get it!

Hint: If you do elect to brave the Canadian North-East, be sure to take lots of warm clothing, wine and a Canadian lassie!


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