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Waypoint Ski Apache, NM

Travel Way Point

Date: c. Jan, 1977


Place: Ski Apache, NM


Video of Ski Apache, NM (not my video):


Picture of Ski Apache, NM (not my picture):


Travel Journal Entry:

I was single and living alone in Dallas. As there are not any ski areas in Texas, I took a ski club bus trip to the nearest snow: Ski Apache in NM. While there I met a lovely young lady with whom I struck up a skiing friendship. Near the end of the day the relationship was maturing into "meet-up-for-dinner" talk. At the last run lift line to catch the chair, we were separated in line by another skier, So, to get her attention, I used my ski pole to "gently nudge" (so I thought) her ski. To my (and here) horror, she lost her balance and fell backwards, taking down two other skiers with her. As a result of the fall, she pulled a tendon in her leg, and had to be carried to the first-aid clinic on the hill... and would never speak to me again!

I cannot recommend Ski Apache or "nudging".

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